Day One Access


Day One Access is a program that provides students access to their course materials in digital format on the first day of class. Students are able to pay for the lower-priced materials with scholarships, financial aid, and grant money as well as out-of-pocket funds. All students have equal access and equal opportunity to succeed, beginning on the first day of class.

What features of the program are beneficial to students?

  • Course materials are provided in digital format
  • Materials are accessed through the LMS (Moodle)
  • Materials are provided for the entire class at a reduced price
  • Materials are available on the first day of class
  • Students can utilize funds from scholarships, grants and financial aid
  • Materials are accessible on multiple devices (iPhone, laptop, etc.)

Courses using Direct Access for FALL 2021:





CIS 115

CSC 134

CTS 115

GEL 111

What is Day One Access? Frequently Asked Questions

The Day One Access program is a new textbook model in collaboration with top publishers that converts books into digital content. All students in Day One Access classes get access to the content on the first day of class, and the model allows for a lower price to all students.  Studies show that more students who use Day One Access programs succeed in their classes. GTCC’s DAYONE ACCESS program meets the Dept. of Education’s guidance to provide the lowest possible price available in the marketplace and allows students to opt-out if they choose.  

What is an Interactive or Adaptive Learning Platform? 

Interactive Learning Platforms are much more than just e-books. They are interactive software platforms developed to provide an enhanced learning experience beyond reading the text. They may include multi-media video and audio presentations and animation, and adaptive quizzes and homework sets, which link directly to the related section of text when incorrect answers are given. They also allow for various levels of customization by the instructor, peer-to-peer sharing of notes, and the creation of digital flashcards you can use with smartphone apps. 

How much does Day One Access cost? 

The price varies depending upon the course materials chosen by the instructor, but most Day One Access prices are lower than the cost to access the material direct through the publisher and are usually the lowest price in the marketplace.

Do I need an access code? How will I get my access code?

Day One Access course materials may require an access code. If so, the access code will be provided to you in several formats (email, syllabus, Moodle, paper card, etc) before the first day of class. You will need to purchase a subscription for Day One Access in-person or online at the Campus Store ( or this material will expire in 14 days. Students will receive email reminders and payment information from us during the first few weeks of the semester.

What does it mean to opt-in?

If you wish to participate in Day One Access, you have until the add/drop day (usually the first 10 days of class) to opt-in to the program by purchasing a subscription online or at a campus store. If you chose not to opt-in, your access will be removed and you have no obligation to purchase anything.

Will students be able to purchase a printed version of the e-text?

The publisher allows the campus store to sell a limited number of print upgrades of the digital version.  These print upgrades may be sold to students in the inclusive access program, after the opt-in period has ended and their inclusive access payment has been verified.