How to locate your DayONE Access e-book in Canvas

Access your eBook in CanvasAccess your eBook without Canvas

How to locate your eBook in Canvas for a DayONE Access course

CSV 110

LEX 120, 121

PAD 151

PHI 215,240

REL 110, 212


From left navigation bar click on the Module named:

DayONE Access (eBook and Courseware) then, click on the link DayONE Access.

Click on: Load DayONE in a new window

How to locate your eBook in Canvas

Click Read Now to access your eBook.

How to locate your eBook in Canvas

Before you can access your eBook you will need to complete your account set up with VitalSource Bookshelf.  Sign in, create and account with VitalSource Bookshelf.  If you already have a VitalSource account, enter your email address and password for VitalSource bookshelf.  Otherwise, click on Create an Account and fill out the registration form in full, we suggest using your email for this account.

You can now access your eBook from Canvas, or install VitalSource Bookshelf on your computer, smartphone/tablet and download eBooks for off line reading.


Please be advised it is NOT recommended that you Opt-Out, as these materials are required by your professor to complete the course and the fee charged is at a discounted price, but to do so, click the ‘Want to opt-out?’ button.

How to locate your eBook in Canvas

Select your reason why and click: Opt Out.

 If you Opt Out:

  • You will be responsible for purchasing these materials on your own.
  • A refund of your book/courseware fee will be put back on your student account for you to receive your refund in 4-6 weeks.
  • You will lose access to your courseware on the 8th day of class (6th day during summer term).

You can opt back in at anytime before the 8th day of class(6th day during summer term); the option to opt in will not be available after the 8th day of class (6th day during summer term).

If you OPTed OUT and the deadline has passed (8th day of classes,6th day during summer term), when you try to access your eBook in Canvas you will see the option to Buy Now instead of the Read Now button.  This will give you the option to purchase the eBook is you accidentally OPT ed OUT, this purchase will be at a higher price than the BKFEE you were charged at registration.

How to locate your eBook in Canvas